Harness your data for better health outcomes

Envido helps clinicians, health managers and researchers
capture journeys and events to improve outcomes for people

What people tell us...

The office tools we have take time we don't have to master

Our clinical system should provide the data we need to answer the questions we have...but they don't

We'd like to build our own solution...
but they're costly, time consuming and take technical know how"

Take control! Get a flexible, cost effective platform

without compromising on security, performance and scalability


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Envido Core

All the tools you need to design, build and manage an outcome monitoring program

Assemble collections of questions to form registries and audits

Whether you're interested in the answer to just a couple of questions or want to construct an entire eHealth client record, Envido is up to the task with incredible flexibility that lets you assemble questions into logical sets

Manage your work-flow

A full suite of tools for searching, navigating and collecting your data

Construct your own hierarchies

Want to report by individual practitioners, a specific location, a group of locations, an entire facility or a group of facilities?

Easily build your own hierarchies for rolling your data up and down!

Simplify reporting

Easy to build powerful reports minutes: whether you need to track compliance against an established standard, build a suite of charts, or extract your data to perform further analysis in another statistical package.

Flexible security

Manage individuals or build teams across your health community and coordinate what each of them can see and do.

Rules Engine

Define rules and build actions to automate routine tasks, assign work to your team/s or track data quality


Envido Data Linkage

A companion solution for managing all your data linkage needs
Perform probability matching between disparate systems

Using a robust matching algorithm, the Data Linkage Module lets you perform probabilistic matching. Matched records can be then be configured to to process according to business rules and predefined flows, while possible matches are presented for manual judgement.

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Link and import lab results

Link to multiple laboratory result sets, track the status of result as they move data within the system: present borderline cases for manual action and display new results for review

Source data in multiple formats: HL7,excel, csv ,text or direct from a database


Envido Questionnaire

Build, schedule and administer questionnaires for selected cohorts
Build, schedule and send

Build surveys, schedule when to send, then distribute by email to be completed online - on any device.

EnQUE can be implemented within a private network to protect other sensitive data you manage, while allowing people to respond from where ever they are, on any device.

Track, remind and sync

Automatically track surveys, sync results to the main record or issue reminders at a time of your choosing