Key Points +
A word about hormone therapy +
When is hormone treatment used? +
What does hormone treatment involve? +
What are the current medications available? +
What are the side effects of hormone treatment? +
What about complementary therapies? +
Hormone resistance: What if the treatment stops working? +
Who is taking care of me? +


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Advanced prostate cancer: A guide for men and their families
Cancer Council 2010. Available free of charge from Cancer Council Helpline: 13 12 00, Andrology Australia 1300 303 78 or download from

Your guide to prostate cancer: The disease, treatment options and outcomes
(paperback) 2010
Dr Prem Rashid, Publisher: Uronorth Group, Port Macquarie 02 6581 3456

A primer on prostate cancer:The empowered patient’s guide
(Paperback) by Stephen Strum, MD Donna L. Pogliano Publisher: Life Extension Foundation 2005

Dr. Peter Scardino’s prostate book:The complete guide to overcoming prostate cancer, prostatitis and BPH (Hardcover) by Peter Scardino, Judith Kelman. Penguin Group NY, 2010


ANZ Clinical Trials Registry: lists all registered trials underway in Australia and whether they are still recruiting

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Support group network.
Find a group near you.

You Are Not Alone!
This site has a strong patient input and is very supportive. It has stories from family members as well as men themselves,

PSA Rising: Prostate cancer information and support with sections on eating well, recipes, stories and more.

Prostate Pointers: This site has email lists where men on different types of treatments and their families can discuss issues.

National Centre for Alternative and Complementary Medicine. You can search for trials of complementary treatments on PubMed from this site.


The Cancer Council Helpline: 13 11 20 for information on treatments, including complementary therapies, counselling and support.

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