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Access to treatment is through referral by a general practitioner to a specialist medical practitioner. Specialists who are involved in prostate cancer care are listed below.

    • Urologists are surgeons who specialise in treating diseases of the urinogenital tract – in men this includes the kidneys, bladder, prostate and sexual organs
    • Radiation oncologists are specialist doctors who use radiotherapy to treat cancer
    • Medical oncologists are doctors who specialise in chemotherapy treatments for cancer
    • Pathologists examine tissue from your biopsy and any tissue removed at an operation and assess the stage and aggressiveness of your cancer.
    • Palliative care specialists care for patients with active, progressive, advanced disease for whom the the focus of care is the quality of life.
    • Urology nurses give assistance throughout your prostate cancer journey. Some specialise in the care of men with prostate cancer and manage aspects such as incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

Most urologists diagnose and treat prostate cancer patients in their private rooms although there are also a number of clinics in public hospitals.
Major surgery is undertaken in both private and public hospitals.
Radiation therapy is also offered through both the private and public system.
There are also some specialist clinics and centres offering radiotherapy treatment for prostate cancer.