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To reach our goals, we seek the support of all diagnosing clinicians in South Australia.

What benefit will the registry provide you?

Contributing to the SA-PCCOC will provide you the option of requesting reports relating to the outcomes of your patients. This gives a valuable opportunity to benchmark the outcomes of your patients with those of your peers in the state. More broadly, the database provides a unique resource to support training and research in South Australia.

Quality Indicators

  • Volume – number of patients treated at your institution per year ( by treatment).
  • Margins – Positive margin rate after Radical Prostatectomy.
  • PSA – PSA level recorded at diagnosis.
  • Clinical Stage – Documentation of clinical T stage in the medical record.
  • Observation – Active surveillance or watchful waiting with low-risk disease.
  • Active Treatment – Evidence that patients in high-risk disease groups received active treatment.
  • Timing – Time from biopsy-confirmed diagnosis to first treatment.
  • Survival – 5-, 10-,and 15- year overall survival after diagnosis.
  • Recurrence – Clinical and/or biochemical disease-free survival after primary treatment by RT or RP.
  • PROMS Function – Patient assessment of urinary, sexual, and bowel function at 12 months post treatment.
  • PROMS Bother – Patient assessment of urinary, sexual, and bowel bother at 12 months post treatment.
  • Death – Rate of in-hospital death from surgical complications.


What do we need from you?

  • Support in distributing information packs to newly diagnosed patients. We will seek from you a list of patients who have been supplied with a pack on a monthly basis. These can be emailed or faxed to our Data Co-ordinator Tina Kopsaftis.
  • A copy of your indemnity insurance certificate.
  • The name of the pathology company you usually refer patients to for biopsy and PSA tests.
  • Access to medical case notes in a way convenient to you.


Assuring protection of your data

Data within SA-PCCOC will be held in a secure database housed in the SA-Health environment. Data within the SA-PCCOC is governed by a Steering Committee and identifiable data will not be released to any third party. Your identity and the identity of your patients will be kept confidential and in a secure environment. The study has received ethics approval from the Southern Adelaide Clinical Human Research Ethics Committee.

Reference:     Nag N, et al. Development of Indicators to Assess Quality of Care for Prostate Cancer. Eur Urol Focus (2016),

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Publications and Reporting

SA-PCCOC has published in all areas of prostate cancer interest including: urology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, epidemiology and physiotherapy.

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