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Prostate cancer information and resources for use by General Practitioners.

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The Mr PHIP prostate cancer education materials published on this site are also available as a series of information sheets for GPs to distribute to patients.

The sheets have been designed for flexible use so that each patient receives information which is appropriate for his particular stage.

These materials were prepared in consultation with GPs, specialists, patients and consumers as part of the Prostate Health Improvement Project at the Repatriation General Hospital, Daw Park, South Australia (See “Mr PHIP” for further details.)

To order Mr PHIP materials.

Limited copies of Mr PHIP kits, or individual sheets can be ordered by completing the Re-order form which is available as a PDF file or a Word 6.0 document. Alternatively, please contact your nearest state cancer organisation, (listed on this site at

 Discussing PSA testing for prostate cancer with your patients

Current guidelines suggest that men should be informed of the pros and cons of prostate cancer testing before being offered a PSA test, but this is time consuming and difficult to do. The Australian Prostate Cancer Collaboration, the Cancer Council Queensland, Northern Section of the Urological Society with input from members of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners  have collaborated to produce a a showcard for GPs assisting patients to make an informed decision.

Showcard: Discussing the early detection of prostate cancer with patients in general practice

Information about the development of the Showcard is available here.

Prostate Cancer for General Practitioners: PSA Booklet II

This is another booklet to guide general practitioners faced with the question of how best to manage consultations with men who present for a general check-up or who have particular concerns about prostate cancer. It is available electronically through co-author Associate Professor Phillip Stricker’s website or hard copies can be ordered by GPs from PCFA.

Download “Prostate Cancer for General Practitioners: PSA Booklet II”

 DRE and PSA in General Practice

Developed by Dr Jeremy Cumpston

Please click here [] to view two videos and a multiple choice questionnaire to apply for 4 x Category 2 RACGP QA & CPD points. Activity number: 740941